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Recommend eye drops without harsh chemicals

Key Features & Benefits:

  • No antihistamines
  • No vasoconstrictors
  • No harsh preservatives
  • Can be used post LASIK
  • Can be used with prescription products
  • Can be used with contacts
  • Used by doctors and families in Switzerland for over 40 years
  • Formulas tested in Switzerland for efficacy prior to launch
  • Available without a prescription at most major retailers
  • For use by adults and children ages 2 and over
  • Manufactured in compliance with Health Canada regulations
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How can Similasan help your patients?

Homeopathy is an independent process that works in harmony with the body’s immune system. Homeopathy works from the inside out, helping the body to defend against conditions and provide temporary relief. In contrast to traditional medicine, homeopathy supports the body’s natural defenses instead of suppressing the symptoms of an illness. The homeopathic mode of action is similar in theory to an allergy or flu shot.

In the production of Similasan homeopathic remedies, our natural active ingredients (originating from minerals, plants, or animals) undergo a process of serial dilution, where a microdilution is created. The concentration of that microdilution is represented by an "X". For example, an ingredient diluted to the level of 6X contains 0.0000001% of the active ingredient, thus, the active ingredients in our homeopathic remedies are very diluted.

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